Why Pacquiao Vs Mayweather You Can Do In 2010

All of the drama surrounding the WBO's intervention in the Miguel Cotto-Manny Pacquiao contract negotiation was pathetic and pure madness. I appreciate that many of yourself want to see Manny try record seventh world title. I do too, but the title issue, that understand has been resolved, was an afterthought. Money and catch weight drove this thing initially--period.

Is Manny Pacquiao Retirement?


The lure of bigger prize money and fame aside, it seems the only thing left for him to prove is a Manny Pacquiao versus. Floyd Mayweather fight. But that seems turn out to be remote possibility as time goes by-. At 33, he's physically sound, strong, whilst in the great ailment. That's Timothy Bradley right there describing his next enemy. On June 9, 2012, exciting world of will witness the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley bout pitting a determined fighter from Palm Spring against the best pound for pound fighter in the realm at at the time.

A couple of weeks ago, Floyd Jr. demanded $100 million dollars to battle Manny. With half of that particular already guaranteed, I'm unsure why Floyd would not accept the sale other than the usual lack of desire to address Manny. Extra PPV revenue, and maybe a few other concessions, Floyd Jr. could possibly get close to his $100 million long for.

The stage Manny Pacquiao Foundation was set and trainer Roger Mayweather was hinting in the corner ( a place where Floyd Sr., the steroid usage expert, hadn't been permitted) within the final three rounds that Marquez was ready pay a visit to.

Other award categories include Best Jockey, Best MLS Player, Best Coach/Manager, Best International Athlete, Best Play and Best Championship Delivery. In all, there are at least 35 categories listed along the ESPY's voting section of ESPN's websites.

1b. Juan Manuel Marquez - Marquez officially received an L on his record as the second Pacquiao fight, but is ultimately what went wrong? He has recent wins over Juan Diaz and Joel Casamayor, impressive bout with Mayweather can only boost his credentials.

Pacquiao has earned finest to fight who he wants. Showcase no mistake about it , Freddie Roach recognises that Mosley's style is not just a good matchup for Manny. But it probably work best matchup for fight fans. Always be definitely be action packed , make a difference the results.

Look for Marquez to systematically breakdown, beat-up and halt Timothy Bradley inside the 11th rd of an amazing action fight, to established the 5th and deciding war with Pacquiao.

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